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Jayesh  Sharma is a trained  and educated artist and photographer,  who lives and works in India. He admits photography is more of a process than a profession for him.


Coming from a small village in rural India, close to the city of Banaras, sheltered Jayesh from current affairs of the so-called ‘Modern World’.  In his mid 20’s Jayesh moved to the city of Mumbai, which led to a big transformation, inspiring him to explore many of his country's diverse regions encapsulating the wide range of cultures and traditions.  Jayesh became aware of social struggles and challenges,  sensitizing him to the many traditions, rituals, local sports, crafts, that have been lost forever.  Jayesh shares his revelation.

“Since childhood, I have been inculcating a habit of storing and collecting things, with some rudimentary idea of preservation, be it personal or traditional. Varanasi, an ancient city in India and perhaps the only city in the world which has had the same running cultural practices since over 2,500 years is a city which influenced my formative years. I was inspired to experience and document the nature of human society and its varying beliefs, and to capture my thoughts and present my own formulations and understanding of the same through photography.”


Jayesh’s photography is driven by the impact of nature and the ecological contemporary situation of human life.  It fuels the fire for critical and creative thinking, awakening Jayesh, inspiring him to share his independent thoughts as he embraces traditions and cultures of his country through his visual storytelling defined through his photography.




Gold Medal Award, Eye Win International Photography, Delhi, India.

 Next Generation Award, Nikon International Photography, Tokyo, Japan.





Solo Show, Mia Photo Fair, Milano, Italy.

Finalist in Digital Photography, Arte Laguna Prize Venice.

Indian Photo Festival Portrait Prize, Exhibition at the Auckland Festival of Photography, New Zealand.


Finalist in The Exposure Award Exhibition, SeeMe Photography Community, Louvre Museum Photo Gallery, France.


Solo Show, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India.

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